ak-feature-graphic.gifNorth to the future.

In 1964, shortly after Alaska became our largest state, Sea-Land Service, Inc. started providing reliable year-round shipping service in support of our neighbors to the north.

Today, as Horizon Lines, we continue to build on that tradition with the most personalized and comprehensive service to Alaska’s key ports and inland communities.

With two weekly sailings from Tacoma to Anchorage and Kodiak, and one to Dutch Harbor, our D-7 class container vessels  are always delivering essential goods and supplies. These ships are engineered and designed to withstand the rigors of the Alaskan waters. Our patented hinged-frame stacking system secures and protects the cargo during transit while providing maximum speed in loading and unloading.

The North Pacific presents unique challenges that require experience and teamwork. Through every step of the process, our associates are always there to answer questions, book shipments, provide equipment and resolve issues. They do whatever it takes to ensure safe and secure delivery of cargo in any season.

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