SeafoodAlaska's pristine waters are home to some of the most productive and valuable commercial fisheries in the world.  The state’s salmon, crab and whitefish are known for their pure quality and abundance.  A key economic driver in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, the industry accounts for over half of all U.S. fisheries production.  Through its careful resource management, Alaska's fisheries are a model of successful natural resource stewardship.

With our weekly service to and from Anchorage, Kodiak, Dutch Harbor, and points beyond, we have 50+ years’ experience supporting the industry and the many people that depend upon it.  We carry critical supplies and convey Alaska’s pure, sustainable seafood to the Lower 48, ready for delivery. 
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Shippers that supply the seafood industry and move valuable seafood from Alaska can trust that Horizon Lines has the experience, know-how and specialized equipment to safely and efficiently handle any type of cargo.

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